I’m going to let you in on a little secret.

Did you know that Facebook polls are the next big thing and that they are now available?

According to Porter Haney, the CEO of Wedgies, 20% of readers usually vote on a poll. 15% of the voters share the poll and that results in 2-3% share rate. Just a 1% share rate is good enough for your Facebook engagement. It can increase your engagement more than tenfold.

Twitter already has a polling option. It has four possible responses. Instagram has picture polls. The idea of Facebook polls is not a new one. Facebook Questions is a poll-based application that was launched in 2011. It received little fanfare and was eventually closed in 2012. Later, Facebook added polls to its messenger app. Also, Facebook purchased TBH, an anonymous polling app and that laid the ground for the current Facebook polls functionality.

But what seems to be the real game changer here?

Facebook polls + Animated GIFS

Yes, you heard that right.

Earlier, I had talked about the power of polls and how every major social network is adopting polling functionality. When you get to know the power of GIFs, you will appreciate that combining Facebook polls and animated GIFs will create a potent social media strategy.

Presently, two of the biggest trending topics in social media marketing circles are Facebook polls and animated GIFs.

In this article, I will inform you about everything that you need to know about these two biggest social media trends. You will also learn actionable steps that you can take to harness these two elements for your Facebook success.

Let’s get started.

What will your learn in this article
  • How to insanely boost your Facebook engagement and conversions using Facebook polls with animated GIFs
  • How to setup Facebook Polls
  • Ideas of the type of Faceboook polls you can run
  • Where to find GIFs to run on your Facebook Polls

This new year is already here and if you are in the digital marketing industry, it is time that you ask yourself: “What will be the biggest marketing trend for 2018?”

Animated GIFs were already a big thing on 2017.

Guess what?

it continues to be.


I know they are awesome…

According to a Forbes article, as at 2016, Giphy, one of the biggest GIF websites, already had more than 100 million daily users who send over 1 billion GIF images every day. GIFs are some of the most shared content on Facebook.

Also, according to statistics from W3 Tech, on Facebook, GIF type images are shared more than images that have JPEG or PNG format. As a digital marketer, you cannot afford to ignore GIFs.

But how can I take advantage if this new technique and run cool and efficient Facebook polls using GIFs?

No worries… I got you.

Let’s start by creating one.

How to create a Facebook Poll?

Creating a Facebook poll is very straightforward. Let’s run through the important steps here:

Step 1 – Select to create a poll

Go to your Facebook page. Below the box with the words, ‘Write something…,’ you will find a number of options. Choose the option of, ‘create a poll.” You might need to click the See More link so that to be able to see this option.

Create a Facebook Poll

Step 2 – Configure your Facebook poll options

The box for creating a poll will appear and it will be titled: Create a Post. Below the title, there will be the ‘Ask something…’ section.

There will be two options for your poll; option 1 and 2. Next to each option, there are buttons for uploading a photo and a GIF. You can choose to have GIF Poll or a Photo poll.

  • In the ‘Ask something section…’ you should write the question of your poll. It can be something like: “Which super power would you rather have?”
  • For each option, include a suitable photo/GIF.

Create a Facebook Poll using GIFS

Step 3 – Publish and wait for results

A good time length to run your polls is a week. Wait those days and then checkout the results. You will be blown away what animated GIFs can do to your poll.

How are you feeling?

Things to know when creating Facebook Polls.

  1. The poll question can be as long as possible.
  2. Each response (option 1 and 2) must not exceed 25 characters.
  3. You can add duration to the poll ranging from 1 day, 1 week, custom, or never.
  4. You can boost your poll with ads.
  5. People can post a response to your poll from the web, Android, and IOS.
  6. GIF supported polls are not anonymous. The poster will see all the answers
  7. With Facebook polls, there are only two possible answers. Twitter allows up to 4 answers.
  8. When the poll ends, those who participated in the poll will get notifications to see the results.
  9. Every poll participant will see the number of votes. Only Facebook page administrators will see who voted for each option.
  10. The page administrators will also be able to see the Facebook page insights for a poll.

Now, you know what do to. But, the hardest part is to come up with ideas.

We got you. See below.

Ideas to use Facebook Polls

Drive traffic to your website

If you want to drive traffic to your website,  you should create a multiple – question poll. You should tell your fans to find the answer on your website.

Get your fans excited & engaged

To attract and maintain the attention of an audience, you need to get them to be excited and engaged.

You can accomplish that in the following ways:

  • Create a Facebook poll that show fans that you relate

Your fans will love your brand and engage with it if you show them that you know their pain points.

  • Create a Facebook poll that touches on the hobbies and passions of your audience

Use Facebook reactions to make your polls more engaging & entertaining

Instead of your poll containing two options, your fans can vote for your poll by reacting to it.

When the poll is over, every poll participant will be able to see the number of reactions to the poll and how everyone reacted to it.

Use trending entertainment topics to boost the engagement of your polls

You can make your poll to feature a trending entertainment topic. A good option is also to use hashtags to extend the reach of your poll.

Gauge product interest

Have a product to sell? Want to know if people would be interested?

  • You can know the products that your consumers love the most.
  • You can also obtain customer feedback.

Where to find GIF Images to use with Facebook Polls?

While Facebook already has millions of GIFs that you can find within their platform, we created a list of the best places to find GIFs.


Considered the a leading source to find the best Gifs on the Internet. Launched in 2013, they have grown to be a massive hit within the social media community. It is a search engine for GIFs. You can also check different extensions they have release to access their database faster.


You can find GIFs on Reddit. There are many GIF-related subreddits.

GIFs from Last Night

On this website, you will find the best news, TV, and movie GIFs. GIFS on this site usually reflect memorable things that happen on TV or online.

Animal GIFS

This is your best source of animal GIFs.

Want to get creative and create your own gif, IMGFlip will allow you to.


There are endless ways for using Facebook polls. You can use them to boost Facebook engagement and also drive traffic to your websites. They have a role to play in marketing and branding. Also it is a simple way to father customer feedback. I hope this article was useful and that you give Facebook Polls a try.

What are some other ways that you are implementing Facebook polls in your strategy?

How to Create Facebook Polls Using Animated Gifs
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