Nowadays Facebook is a platform available in almost any part of the world and it is available and easily used by anyone. Thus this platform is of paramount importance not only for associating with friends and relatives, but is also for using it as a good source to promote or advertise a company, a product, a business, etc. This is something profitable for gaining popularity for any of the branches, mentioned above.

Facebook is also a place where one can find and read news and articles in any topic, suitable for any interests a person has. Thus, it contains profiles and pages of millions of users and is a public space for them. But there is something called Facebook Jail, that most people don’t know about that we want to illustrate on this post.

What will you learn in this article?
  • What is Facebook jail?
  • What behavior can cause it and how to avoid it?
  • How to deal with the case, if it has already taken place.

We’re here for you. Let’s begin.

What is Facebook jail?

Facebook jail is the punishment for the account or for the page that works against Facebook privacy and policy terms. The punishment may be implemented by blocking the page partly or by disabling its functions completely. In this case, the page owner will not be able to post or publish anything until the punishment period is over. The duration may range from several hours to several days.

facebook jail

Let’s discuss the main possibilities that may be the cause for facing this problem and get thrown to Facebook jail.

  • Publishing the same content in several groups

If you are aimed to publish the same post in several groups at the same time, be aware that this may point you as a spammer.

This is something dissaponting.

Just avoid this…

Instead, try to wait for several minutes before posting the content. This will prevent the possibility of getting blocked by Facebook.

  • Tagging anonymous users or tagging unrelated people too much

This is another possibility for getting included in Facebook jail. If you have accepted anonymous friend requests and you frequently tag them, if you tag people too much and they keep refusing the tags by you or when you add them to this or that group without informing them in advance, you are in danger of being blocked from posting on Facebook.

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Try to avoid this problem by stopping to tag people in the photos, where they are not included. Before adding them to a group, tell them or ask them beforehand.

  • Using Google images too much

Google includes several of pictures or files that have already been spammed by Facebook. And by sharing or adding such pictures you already become in danger of getting to Facebook jail.

To avoid this issue, always try to make sure it is allowed to be posted on Facebook or just use images of other web pages. This will help you avoid getting blocked by Facebook.

  • Neglecting Facebook rules and laws

There are instructions that Facebook gives its users and expects them to follow them properly. Facebook is created for humans and, for example, it does not allow the users to write a name of a company and other names on their profiles, if the name does not belong to them personally.

The instructions are not hard to follow.

Don’t know how to deal with it?

By carefully reading the instructions, you will be safe from breaking the Facebook blocking rules.

  • Sending friend requests to people you do not recognize

This is another way to go straight to Facebook jail. When you send too much friend requests, Facebook asks the receivers whether they know you or not. If the prominent part of the answers is “no”, then your profile is in danger.

Also, if you own a business or a company page, do not send your page to people, suggesting them to “like” your page. Moreover, do not send messages to other pages similar to yours and do not “like” or leave comments on that pages. This is something that may lead to reports on your page by other users and you may get blocked by Facebook.

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  • Creating a fake profile

This is something usual.

And we know how it works.

Facebook is against fake profiles. It needs and requires you create a real profile of you. If there are too much images having no relation with you or if there is information not corresponding to your identity, you are obviously using the platform in a wrong way.

The right regulation of your page will never put you in the risk of being thrown to Facebook jail. Upload some photos of you and write some information on the biography part of your profile or of your page. Let the others understand who you are and decide whether they want to have an interaction with you or with your business page. For example, if they feel that the description of your business or company makes sense and has something interesting to them, they will click “like” or “follow” to be informed about its further steps. In this case you will not have to ask or “beg” them to get interested in your page, at all.

  • Creating several pages in one name

It’s is against Facebook rules when a person owns several pages instead of one. Keeping creating several pages under one name, you will find yourself blocked from posting on Facebook.

We know this is not pleasant.

Get the solution below!

If you want to have several pages available on Facebook with different contents, you just need to create them from your account. The number of the pages is not restricted. It is also allowed to link more than one email addresses and contact phones, if you want to be available for your customers in several methods. So, Facebook does not forbid you doing so, it just warns you not to break the rules that have carefully been written by the special community of their platform.

  • Be aware of the “dirty players”

Yes, there are always people keeping behaving dirty inside the platform, by entering others pages and profiles and acting in a wrong and prohibited way. They attack the accounts and the posts and often the user does not even get aware that someone has entered their private page. Of course Facebook cannot detect such saboteurs, and in the result, the one that will suffer from this occasion, is the owner of the page.

What a failure!

But this failure has its solutions, before it happens.

To make your profile secure and away from their attention, you need to be careful and detect such cases the sooner the better. Noticing that something is like going wrong with your page, rush to change your password and never give or show it to someone else. Then go to your friends list to understand who may be the stranger to act so. Block him/her immediately, in case of keeping him/her away from reaching to your posts and publishing. Then go to their pages to click “report” and contact Facebook to let the community workers someone is breaking the laws. This is the smartest way to keep your account safe and secure.

Wrapping it up

Facebook is a profile necessary not only for everyday usage and communication, but also for serious deals and business offers. To use this platform properly, one needs to get aware of the rules and laws it possesses. Using it in the right way and avoiding the acts mentioned above you will never face the risk of appearing in Facebook jail.

The latter will limit your opportunities in making posts on Facebook partially or totally and will become an obstacle for your further actions. If you want to get the chance of having a smooth career by showing your posts to millions of Facebook users, be attentive to act against the Facebook laws and not to ignore the Facebook blocking rules.

Facebook Jail and tips on how to avoid getting blocked on Facebook
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